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FAQ’s about Arabah® Natural Massage Oils

Is it true that using a mineral based oil is harmful to both masseur and client?

No! In fact, quite the opposite is true. Below are extracts and summaries from “A Toxicological Review of Topical Exposure to White Mineral Oils” Fd. Chem. Toxic. Vol 34, No 2, pp 213-225, 1996). Think about it – if the oil you are using is clogging your towels then what is it doing to the pores of your skin? Read the facts for yourself and make your own informed decision. Change to our special blend oils and experience the difference, reaping benefits for both you and your clients.

“Concern about exposure to white mineral oils is largely the result of data obtained in 90 day feeding studies in which the ingestion of white mineral oils by F344 rats produced granulomas in the liver and histiocytosis in mesenteric lymph nodes without any overt clinical toxicity.” (p. 223)

Please note that the oil was eaten and not applied topically (does anybody EAT massage oil?)

When the study was repeated using different strains of rats and also in dogs, there were no detectable histopathological changes in these tissues. It appears that F344 rats have a genetic susceptibility to mineral white oil that hasn’t been found elsewhere (refer below for the human story).

Even though the rats showed the above changes, they did not exhibit clinical toxicity (ie had no symptoms of sickness).

The Effects on Human Skin

The oil is white mineral oil and all reports show that after applied use to the human skin amounts of 0% or less than 0.01% of the applied dose is found in the receptor fluid after a 54 hour period. The results of microscopical studies suggest that the depth of penetration is limited to the stratum corneum in human skin.

Collectively, all data supports the same view, that the white mineral oil does not effectively penetrate the skin beyond the stratum corneum, resulting in minimal absorption after topical exposure.

Safety Summary

To date, all available evidence suggests that sub chronic or chronic topical exposure to highly refined white mineral oils does not produce gross or histopathological changes in the internal organs or at the site of application.

The lack of any substantive toxicological findings in rodents or humans suggests the absence of any health risk.

The concern of hydrocarbons in some mineral oils and their exposure prompted additional safety studies and a critical assessment of the toxicological affects of white mineral oil. The result was that extensive testing and research found no evidence of any hazard to be associated with topical exposure at any dose and in multiple species. This conclusion is supported by the long and uneventful human use of white mineral oil in drug and non-drug topically (and orally) applied products.

The Purifying Process

A complex series of processing steps is needed to produce white mineral oil. These processes are designed to remove polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

The evidence cannot be disputed and puts to rest all misinformed talk against the use of this oil for massage. In fact, the findings are very positive.

In conclusion, we believe that every masseur should be using this product. It is beneficial to the client and the masseur alike. It reduces your costs both in purchase price of and the time and money wasted in cleaning towels. Your towels will last longer

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Dee Vangestel
Just a quick thankyou for your wonderful service in regards to the massage oil of late!!! I have been searching for a massage oil for years that not only I love but suits my clients and washes out of the towel well, in the past many oils have left towels still feeling oily after many washes. With your new fragrances I have found a remarkable product that my clients just love, but it is amazing how it washes out of towels so easily! Thankyou very much for your dedication!